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MediaKind was created from Ericsson Media Solutions as an independent brand after the announcement of sale of the division by Ericsson to One Equity Partners in 2018. One Equity Partners became the majority owner, while Ericsson still owns 49% of the shares.

Client: Mediakind

Industry: Media

YANA Services: Professional Services (Security & Cloud Architecture)

Website: www.mediakind.com


As with any divestiture, the parent company (Ericsson) places the spin-off (Mediakind) onto a transition services agreement (TSA). TSA’s are generally painful and, in the case of Mediakind, there was considerable financial motivation to exit their TSA agreement with Ericsson as quickly as possible. Enter YANA Systems.


YANA Systems engaged with Mediakind to provide consultative assistance in establishing the IT landscape for Mediakind. Mediakind’s cloud first strategy was a wise move which enabled IT to be agile in delivering new back office systems and infrastructure while continually reducing dependency on Ericsson IT.

“The resources from YANA were very knowledgeable and helped us with key divestiture and operational initiatives to help us save on transition costs” stated Raghu Marthi, Chief Information Officer.


YANA Systems was able to:

  • Assist with email conversions for 1900 users to O365
  • Assist with conversions of 400+ Sharepoint sites to O365
  • Assist with Azure SSO/SAML integration for various applications
  • Spearhead RFP for new perimeter security platform
  • Build and deploy 14 pairs of clustered firewalls
  • Migrate legacy FW rules to next-generation firewalls
  • Design, build and deploy new multi-cast enabled partner VPN
  • Source, image and distribute 1200 PCs globally in 3 months
  • Discover, design and deploy Meraki LAN for critical locations
  • Assist with deployment of MPLS and SD-WAN for critical locations
  • Integrate Polycoms with PDMS, Skype, Teams & Zoom
  • Assist with cutover from Ericsson network to MK network