Carribean Oil Refinery
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Prior to 2012, the Limetree Bay refinery was one of the ten largest in the world, with a peak capacity of 650 mbbls/d, and one of the most modern serving the U.S. After purchasing the assets in 2016, Limetree Bay Ventures initiated a project focused on restarting certain refining operations in the more modern East Refinery, which includes the crude units, vacuum unit, coker, platformers, hydrotreaters, FCC, alkylation complex, ULSG unit, and sulfolane complex. The East Refinery was developed in the 1970s, with the FCC added in 1993 and the coker built in 2002.

Client: Linetree Bay Terminals

Industry: Oil & Gas

YANA Services: Professional Services (Citrix Xenapp and Xendesktop Implementation)

Website: www.limetreebayenergy.com


Limetree was in the process of starting back up refinery operations in 2018 and reached out to YANA to assist with infrastructure readiness. The Limetree terminal operation was up-and-running and the internal staff needed assistance in layering in an application delivery and virtual desktop infrastructure footprint to deliver consistent access to applications hosted in the local data room in St Croix to Limetree personnel working from the mainland United States.


YANA Systems engaged with Limetree and worked diligently to deliver the first phase of the Citrix build out with an option to come back and assist with a fully scaled-out, fault tolerant deployment.


YANA Systems was able to provide a fully functional Citrix Xenapp and Xendesktop environment in one month including:

  • Production only environment
  • Analysis of Active Directory and Server infrastructure
  • Analysis of network requirements (DHCP scopes, IP’s, VLANs, QoS, Firewall)
  • Installation, configuration and licensing of Netscaler and Xenapp
  • Creation of Machine Catalogs, Delivery Groups
  • Assignment of Security Principals
  • Presentation of Xenapp to internal/external CLIENTS
  • Basic system functionality testing
  • Knowledge transfer/transition to CLIENT Operations Team
  • Full design and build documentation